DuoEarn Incentive Program 🚀

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DuoEarn Incentive Program

We are thrilled to unveil our latest campaign, DuoEarn! This initiative program is designed to offer users unparalleled earning opportunities by adding liquidity and farming. With #DuoEarn, you can earn both $ZK and $ZF tokens, maximizing your potential returns.🌟

Key Highlights
✨ Add Liquidity and Farm, Earn Both $ZK and $ZF. Specifically, LPs will be airdropped an additional reward of 50 $ZK per $1000 each month, along with our attractive APR.

Available Pairs

3-in-1 Rewards
Our campaign is structured to provide you with triple benefits:
🎁 Fixed $ZK Rewards APR: For every $1000 in LP added, you will earn 50 $ZK per month. $ZK rewards airdropped monthly on the 1st of each month.
🎁 Farming ZF APR: On top of the $ZK rewards, you will earn additional $ZF through farming.
🎁 Trading Fees: Earn trading fees associated with the liquidity pairs.

Simple Steps to Participate
1️⃣ Visit https://zkswap.finance/duoearn & Connect Your Wallet.
2️⃣ Add Liquidity & Farm at Pools & Farm page.
3️⃣ Click “Join Now.” Note that a minimum of $20 value LP is required to prevent bot activities.

Short video tutorial 📹

Once you’ve completed these steps, your $ZK and $ZF rewards will be auto-calculated, so you don’t need to take any further action.

Take advantage of DuoEarn now and watch your rewards grow! 🚀