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Decentralized Finance has been growing rapidly, but finding a platform that combines sustainability, transparency, and innovation while keeping users at the center has been a challenge. That’s where zkSwap comes in as the missing puzzle piece in the crypto space.

So, what is zkSwap?

zkSwap is the first decentralized Swap-to-Earn platform on zkSync Era that rewards ALL participants for their contributions.

We are committed to providing a sustainable and user-centered ecosystem for the community by integrating an innovative rewards program, a well-thought-out economic model, and a continuous buyback mechanism that drives our long-term growth and supports the sustainable development of the entire ecosystem.

What makes zkSwap different?

With zkSwap, the more you engage, the more you earn. Our platform is designed to incentivize ALL active participation, and with various ways to earn rewards including swap2earn, lp2earn, farming, staking… We count ANY activities recorded on the platform that are summarized in one personalized dashboard, hence, rewarding ALL those who participate.

zkSwap’s features are reflection of our commitment to developing a user-focused platform that prioritizes the sustainability of our ecosystem as a whole, which lies at the core of our mission with these magic number:

  • 100% of participants are rewarded.
  • 96% of the total token supply for the community and project development
  • 83% of the trading fee is redistributed to the liquidity provider
  • 75% of the income generated by the protocol is used for buying back or redistributing to the holder

Our distribution mechanism not only ensures that participants are treated fairly and inclusively, but also helps to sustainably grow and increase the overall value of the ecosystem.

Novel incentive Program

zkSwap’s unique leaderboard feature creates a competitive atmosphere for traders while honoring ALL user participation. Every activity, from daily check-ins to swaps to sharing viral content on social media, generates different amounts of points that rank users on the leaderboard.

The more you participate, the more points you earn, and the more rewards you can claim at the end of each cycle, which runs for 15–30 days.

Rewards are distributed proportionally based on zkSwap points. The total reward for leaderboard is 35% total supply (350,000,000 $ZKS) over five years, giving all participants a chance to earn significant rewards for their contributions.

Join zkSwap today

Join us today and start earning rewards for your contributions.

With our commitment to sustainability, transparency, and innovation, zkSwap is poised to revolutionize DeFi space and provide a platform that rewards all participants while driving innovation forward.

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