zkSwap Finance Token Generation Event (TGE): An overview of the upcoming $ZF Fair Launch

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The moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating is upon us! The heart-thrilling commencement of the zkSwap Finance Token Generation Event is just around the corner.

Token Generation Event (TGE) Details:

  • Start Time: 12:00 UTC 25th August 2023
  • End Time: 12:00 UTC 30th August 2023
  • Venue: https://TGE.zkSwap.finance
  • Vesting: Claim 100% after TGE 5 hours
  • SoftCap: 50 ETH
  • Fair Launch: Dynamic Pricing in PinkSale Style
  • Listing Price: 1.2x.
  • Initial Liquidity 60% ETH raised + 60% equivalent $ZF = 120% Total Sale
  • Early Join Bonus: 25% (First 3h)
  • Affiliate Program Reward: 5%
  • Purchase Token: ETH on 5 networks: Ethereum, BNB Chain, zkSync, Arbitrum, Polygon

What is Fair Launch with “Pinksale” Style?

  • A Pinksale Style Fair Launch has only a soft cap but no hard cap.
  • The pool will be divided by the number of ETH and Bonus raised during the Fair Launch.
  • The final price of $ZF can only be known at the end of the Presale.

Ex: The SoftCap is 50 ETH, but the protocol has raised a total of 100 ETH (deposit + bonus). If you invest 1 ETH, then you will receive 1% of the total tokens during TGE.

Early Participation Benefits:

  • Early participants will receive a bonus based on their purchases following the rules below:
    • First 3h:  25% more ETH counted
    • Next 6h:  20% more ETH counted
    • The rest:  1% drop every 6 hours, starting from 15%

Ex: After the TGE starts, within the first 3 hours, if you purchase $ZF with 1 ETH, you will receive a bonus of 0.25 ETH. As a result, the total purchased amount will be equivalent to 1.25 ETH.

Why you should participate in our TGE?

  • 20% Cheaper than listing
  • 20% Reward for Participation after TGE
  • Special NFT for Buyers > 0.05 ETH
  • Completely fair and equal: Every participant will receive the same price
  • No need to worry about sniper bots or slippage.

Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Referrers are rewarded an amount equal to 5% ZF your referees’ purchases.
  • How to participate: Just spreading the referral link, which can be copied at https://TGE.zkSwap.finance

Ex: Your referee purchased 100 $ZF, you will receive 5 $ZF. The rewards are daily released over 5 months after TGE with our Contribution Rewards Pool, which will be online about 1 week after TGE.

Token Distribution and $ZF Holders benefits:

  • The tokenomics of $ZF is well-thought and carefully crafted to ensure a long-term sustainability of the project and $ZF price. If you are curious, we have a curated list of our writings about our tokenomics and its cleverness here.
  • Some special features of our tokenomics and platform
    • Low emission rates
    • High liquidity
    • Balance between all components of the tokenomics
    • Real yields + Buying back. A significant portion of the protocol’s generated income is allocated towards either repurchasing or redistributing to its holders.
  • $ZF holders relish various advantages:
    • Enjoy special Syrup Pools (Stake & Farm rewards)
    • Benefit from our Buying Back program (75% platform Earning)
    • Participate in Governance (Snapshot vote)
    • Stake to get more $ZF (5% $ZF Total Supply)
    • Exclusive privileges such as earnings and NFT opportunities

Roadmap: TGE & Beyond

About zkSwap Finance: As the pioneer of the first Swap-to-Earn DeFi AMM in the zkSync Era ecosystem, we introduce a distinctive incentive model that benefits both liquidity providers and traders. At zkSwap, our mission revolves around innovation, sustainability, and transparency.

  • Strength Summary:
    • Mainnet with Volume & Liquidity
    • Multiple Audits
    • Multiple Partnerships + AMAs
    • Binance KYC + Professional Team
    • Strong Community

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