Staking, Farming, and Vesting at the same time. Why?

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Staking, Farming, and Vesting at the same time. Why?

🌱 TL,DR: To optimize the benefits of TGE participants

✨ In the pursuit of maximizing advantages for participants in the Token Generation Event (TGE), strategic choices play a pivotal role. Elements like injecting substantial liquidity (120% Total Sale), well-thought tokenomics, a strong ecosystem, providing incentives for $ZF holders, NFT and token rewards… are intricately woven into the TGE fabric, ensuring the protection of participant interests.

💡 A crucial aspect of this intricate design involves synchronizing Staking and Farming timelines with TGE Token Vesting periods. This harmony is rooted in the fundamentals of supply and demand economics.

💱 Here’s the context: After the TGE, the listing price (1.2x the final price) often tempts participants to sell as their vesting begins. However, these participants seldom engage in fierce competition with automated bots 🤖. Consequently, only a few users benefit from the higher listing price, while most choose not to partake in the Token Generation Event. This selling pressure post-vesting embodies the supply side of the equation.

💰 Conversely, the lead-up to farming and staking launches commonly experiences a surge in demand for tokens 💥. This rush is fueled by the desire to engage early and reap enhanced advantages. This peak signifies heightened demand.

💹 This is where the concept of simultaneous Staking, Farming, and Token Vesting comes into play . This strategic fusion acts as a balancing mechanism, harmonizing the parallel dynamics of supply and demand. Consequently, the value of the ZF token—which is essential for TGE participants, $ZF holders, and the zkSwap Finance ecosystem—attains stability. This orchestrated approach, working in tandem with the encompassing strategies mentioned earlier, culminates in the pinnacle of benefits for TGE participants.

🏖 The beauty of this approach lies in the balance it brings and the equilibrium between rewards and risks ⚖️. If TGE participants (both users and bots) opt to sell after vesting, they forego the high APR offered by farming and staking in the initial stages of these programs. On the flip side, those who retain their holdings enjoy a substantial APR and are assured about their investments 💰. This, combined with the robust policies and strengths of zkSwap Finance, serves to amplify benefits for TGE participants.

🚀 In essence, by intertwining Staking, Farming, and Token Vesting, a harmonious ecosystem is established that safeguards participants’ interests while optimizing rewards and mitigating risks.