⭐ Whitelist Token Incentive Program

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🧐 Why Choose Our Platform for Liquidity?
📍 Zero listing fees
📍 Low trading fees
📍 Whitelisting -> Builds trust and facilitates user engagement
📍 Expands your project’s reach
📍 Boosts your token’s liquidity

⭐ Minimum Requirement: Maintain $20k+ liquidity on zkSwap.Finance and undergo project security checks.
👉 Apply for Listing: https://forms.gle/ShkMMrjGYDDjZHPa6

⭐ User Note: Meeting these conditions does not imply zkSwap.Finance’s endorsement of the token. Do your research before trading whitelisted tokens.
Read our disclaimer: https://docs.zkswap.finance/support-and-branding/disclaimer