Swap2Earn Cycle 1 (23.09.H1) Program Recap

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Swap2Earn Cycle 1 (23.09.H1) Program Recap

As Cycle 1 of Swap2Earn concludes, we’re excited to share campaign stats, reward guidance, and more!

🚀 Key Statistics (Duration: 15 days)

  • Total Participants: 29,009
  • Total zkPoints: 1,862,843
  • Total $ZF Rewards: 3,660,333

👑 Top 3 Trading Users:

  • Top 1: 105902 zkPoints
  • Top 2: 79453 zkPoints
  • Top 3: 65626 zkPoints

Your rewards are calculated based on the zkPoints you’ve earned, using the following formula:

📔 Rewards = (Your zkPoints * Total $ZF Rewards) / Total zkPoints of Cycle

Rewards distribution is one day after each cycle ends, typically on the 1st and 16th of each month. You have the flexibility to choose whether to claim your rewards after each campaign cycle or accumulate them over multiple cycles.

🔗 Claim reward: https://zkswap.finance/earn/reward
🔗 Check your history: https://zkswap.finance/swapboard/history

Cycle 2 of the Swap2Earn campaign is currently in progress. For each $1 swap, you will earn 1 zkPoint, so active participation is the key to optimizing your rewards.

💰Don’t forget our referral program, which can further boost your rewards.

🙏Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with us! Keep swapping and earning!