Allocating Rewards for Early Supporters

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In the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, early adopters and loyal community members play a vital role. At zkSwap, we deeply appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm.

📔Allocation Details: Total Retroactive Program Reward: 5% of Total Supply (50M $ZF)

List of eligible wallets:

1. Zeus NFT + LP Boost

  • 36% of Retroactive Program Reward (18M $ZF). Rewards are proportional to your added liquidity. 
  • Formula: Your Reward = (Your LP value of Zeus Campaign * 1.5 + Your LP value of LP-Boost Campaign * 1.0) / Total LP Value * Total Reward for the two campaigns

2. Athena NFT

  • 4% of Retroactive Program Reward (2M $ZF). Acknowledging early contributors to our virality campaign. 
  • Formula: Your Reward = Total Athena Reward / Total participants

3. Zealy Quester

  • 27% of Retroactive Program Reward (13.5M $ZF). Our second-largest segment that introduced zkSwap Finance to the crypto community. 
  • Formula: Your Reward = Your Zealy XP / Total Zealy XP * Total Zealy Reward

4. Three Testnet SwapBoard Cycles

  • 9% (Cycle 1, 2, 3 – 2%, 3%, 4%) of Retroactive Program Reward (4.5M $ZF). Ensuring the best experience on the mainnet. 
  • Formula: Your Reward = Your Cycle Points / Total Cycle Points * Total Cycle Reward

5. Discord

  • 6% of Retroactive Program Reward (3M $ZF). Rewards distributed based on a 9-level system, eligible for users with a level greater than or equal to 3 (OG).
  • Formula: Your Reward = (Your Role Level ^ 2) / Total User Role Points * Total Discord Reward

6. Giveaway Campaigns

  • 11% of Retroactive Program Reward (5.5M $ZF). This category boosts project visibility with a total reward of $2000 (~5M ZF) through airdrops, giveaways, contests, and more. 
  • The remaining 500k ZF will go to the Treasury.

7. Referral Token Generation Event (TGE)

  • 7% of Retroactive Program Reward (3.5M $ZF). Referrals are vital to zkSwap’s growth. Referrers earn 5% of their referees’ ZF token purchases. 
  • This amounts to around 3.5M $ZF, distributed among 71 referrers with this formula: Your Reward = Your Ref Amount / Total Ref Amount * Total Reward

Thank you for being part of zkSwap’s incredible community. Together, we’ll shape the future of decentralized finance!

Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s continue this exciting journey together!