Swap2Earn Cycle 2 (23.09.H2) Program Recap

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As Cycle 2 (23.09.H2) of Swap2Earn ends, here are some highlights:

πŸš€ Key Stats (15-day Duration):
Participants: 31,356
zkPoints Earned: 1,729,454
$ZF Rewards Distributed: 2,967,837

πŸ‘‘ Top 3 Traders:
1st: 104,853 zkPoints
2nd: 98,873 zkPoints
3rd: 70,166 zkPoints

If you missed claiming your Cycle 1 reward, it will keep growing in the pool.

πŸ“” Claim your reward: zkswap.finance/swapboard

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πŸ™ Thank you for joining us on this journey! Keep swapping and earning!