zkLens – Simplifying Your Exploration of zkSync

zkLens: Simplifying Your Exploration of zkSync

We’re thrilled to unveil our newest supplementary product: zkLens – a table form for sorting & quick glances of zkHeatmap.

zkLens takes the simplicity and convenience of zkHeatmap and presents it in a table format, allowing for quick and easy navigation of the zkSync ecosystem with key metrics:
💰 Price
🔥 Volume
📈 Liquidity
💵 MKC/Liquidity

With zkLens, you can now explore zkSync with a clear, organized view, making it easier than ever to identify promising opportunities. zkLens offers a straightforward way to stay informed and make informed decisions.

Experience the power of zkLens and streamline your exploration of zkSync by visit zkswap.finance/zkLens to get started and discover the potential of the #zkSync ecosystem with ease.

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